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Meet the team members that are dedicated to making your Wedding day as magical and special as you envision it! 

All our gold  n above coordinating packages include our Lead Coordinator Sonja and at least one of our Associate Coordinators on the day of your Wedding!


Sonja Persey I Officiant & Lead Coordinator

5 Things Sonja can't live without

  1. Music
  2. Being in nature
  3. Animals
  4. Traveling
  5. Her Geeky Hubby

  • When Sonja is not officiating or coordinating weddings you will find her  working behind the scenes on anything related to Pixie Dust Wedding or sometimes you'll catch her drumming on her Djembe 
  • Sonja's favorite flowers are lilac's and lavender (herbs matter too lol)
  • Traveling is in Sonja's blood, and she has been all over Europe and so far her favorite destination has been England. 
  • Her favorite color is any shade of purple
  • Sonja's favorite restaurant is a little Bistro style Italian restaurant in Paris.
  • The favorite part of a wedding for Sonja is the exchange of vows. 
  • A fun fact about Sonja is that she had the lead role of Mother Superior in the Musical Theatre play "Nunsense", but she has absolutely no musical talent (just ask her fellow actors) 


Erin Leach I Associate Coordinator

5 Things Erin can't live without

  1. Family 
  2. Her Juicer
  3. WIFI/Internet
  4. Freedom
  5. Her car

  • When Erin is not coordinating weddings she enjoys getting outdoors to do some hiking , rock/crystal hunting or beachcombing 
  • Erin's favorite flower is the Japanese Egret (Swan flower) 
  • One of Erin's favorite places she has traveled to is Disneyland
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Erin's favorite restaurant is the Mongolian Grill
  • Her favorite part of a wedding are the tradition(s) couples choose to include and the meaning of those traditions to the couple 
  • A fun fact about Erin is that she has been studying UFO's for over 10 years. 


Gene Persey I Associate Coordinator

5 Things Gene can't live without

  1. His video camera
  2. Big Screen TV
  3. Coffee
  4. Weekends
  5. Hugs from his Wife

  • When Gene is not shooting video or assisting  with coordinating,  he enjoys video editing, creating special effects and binge watching Star Trek. 
  • His favorite flower is the Foxglove
  • Gene's favorite travel destination is St. Pete's Beach in FL. 
  • His favorite color is green
  • Gene loves the Great Wall Restaurant
  • His favorite part of a wedding is the bouquet & garter belt toss 
  • A fun fact about Gene is that he collects DVD's. He currently has a collection of over 1000 Movies. 


Heather Voigt I Associate Coordinator

5 Things Heather can't live without

  1. Jesus
  2. Her Hunky Dunk Husband 
  3. Friends
  4. Coffee
  5. Dental Floss

  • When Heather is not coordinating weddings she enjoys curling up on a couch with a blankie watching dated Rom Coms. 
  • Her favorite flower is Gardenias,  lilacs, sunflowers, orchids, (this list could go on and on!!)… Daphne, peony's, jasmine, honeysuckle, tulips…
  • Heather's favorite travel destination so far has been Hawaii
  • Heather is too indecisive to answer the question about her favorite color.   It truly depends on the day!!
  • What is your favorite restaurant Heather?   A little street taco place in Mazatlán, Mexico, YUMMM!!!! Best tacos, EVER!!
  • Heather's favorite part of a wedding is watching a couple embark on their greatest journey.
  • A fun fact about Heather is that she LOVES snowflakes! 


Aletha Kindle I Associate Coordinator

5 things Aletha can't live without:

  1. Quite
  2. Fresh air
  3. Coffee 
  4. Excercise
  5. Reading

  • When not coordinating a wedding, Aletha enjoys walking, hiking, being outside and dancing
  • Aletha's favorite flower is the Livingston daisy
  • A favorite destination for Aletha's travel has been Costa Rica
  • When it comes to favorite color, Aletha is loving the bright greens and purples
  • Her favorite restaurant is the Acme Cafe
  • Aletha can't pick just one favorite thing about a wedding, she loves it all!
  • A fun fact about Aletha is that she loves using her imagination to use things for not the purpose they were intended. You should see her yard...its FUN! 

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